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What does bulged disc signify, how does it happen? Is a bulged disc and a herniated disc the same or are there differences between the two? Is it a condition in which surgery is the only viable option? What is the possibility of Ayurvedic treatment without surgery for a herniated disc? These topics are simple. But modern science has created a dread of surgery, which has complicated the situation surrounding all spinal disc problems.
The conditions of bulging discs and disc protrusion are identical. This is an extremely common spinal disc issue. If no nerve root is compressed, a herniated disc will remain symptom-free and mute. Depending on the pressure exerted on the nerve root, the same can produce a variety of discomforts, including pain, burning, throbbing, and skin sensations. Therefore, a herniated disc remains undiagnosed until it causes symptoms due to nerve compression.

In ninety percent of cases, the lumbar region-lower back has a herniated disc. In the lumbar region, L4-L5 and L5-S1 herniated discs are the most prevalent. A bulging disc in L4-L5 and L5-S1 causes the well-known symptoms of sciatica. Almost every patient with sciatica seeks treatment for L4-L5; L5-S1 disc protrusion due to the pain's radiating nature.
A damaged disc in the lower back can cause discomfort to radiate to the hips, buttocks, legs, and feet. In the cervical spine, neck discomfort can travel down the arm and into the fingers.
In Ayurveda, the mode of treatment of Bulged Disc is to balance the vitiated dosha and eliminate the toxins accumulated in the channels. The treatment may include detoxification by various panchakarma procedures, abhyanga massage, herbal pottali massage, purgation and mild herbal enema along with classic ayurveda herbal medications. These procedures help in relieving pain and reversing the symptoms of Bulged Disc. A bulging disc can recover entirely with Ayurvedic treatment.

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Understand how we can help you with Bulged Disc

How Does A Disc Bulge

A disc is a thin, flat, circular object. This structure is located between the vertebrae. There are circles of connective tissue that contain the jelly within known as nucleus pulposus . When a disc degrades, this fluid begins to move towards the disc's edge. Until this jelly is within the ligamental filaments, this condition is known as a herniated disc.

Therefore, this is jelly that moves in response to stimulus. Consequently, the term slip disc came into existence. The phrase slip disc is not a medical term. This is merely a colloquial term that encompasses all conditions such as herniated disc, protruded disc, prolapsed disc, extruded disc, etc.

What Causes a Disc bulge?

Here are some of the causes behind the bulging disc issue. One of these alone is sufficient to deform a disc.

Age as a cause of a herniated disc

Discs are an intermediate structure between tissue and bones. These structures are cartilaginous. As we grow older body decays. The same deterioration also affects the discs. The discs in the spine begin to lose water and elasticity. As a result of all of these advancements, these discs become weakened. Disc weakness is characterised by a lack of elasticity. In other words, as discs age, they become more vulnerable. Due to this fragility, discs begin to bulge in their voids. Disc protrusions are most commonly diagnosed in middle-aged individuals, but they can occur at any age due to other causes.

Herniated disc caused by Trauma

Any catastrophe could occur anywhere. It could be as simple as a heavy sneeze, or it could be an intense weightlifting session. Moreover, the way we recline and strain our bodies can also contribute to this disc issue.

Lifestyle Factors Contributing to Bulged Disc

Diet can have an effect on any cell in the body, including discs. In addition to diet, smoking and a lack of physical activity are common factors that impact the disc and cause a number of problems.

Posture, muscle imbalances, and disc herniation all contribute to back pain.

There are sufficient causes for a herniated disc in the cervical region, including hunched shoulders while typing, using a mobile phone in bed with raised hands, and using a newspaper or tabloid with the head forward. For the lumbar region of the spine, prolonged standing or sitting in a slouched position, or even a poor chair, can cause back pain.

Our approach in Bulged disc treatment

Approach is the foundation of all treatments. The primary objective of ayurvedic treatment for a herniated disc is to identify and treat the underlying cause of the condition. 

We need to correct the spine's curvature. Provide adequate space for the spinal disc. By restoring the normal position of the vertebral bodies. Additionally, we must sustain the disc's internal environment. We perform each of these tasks simultaneously. Therefore, we perform the following three actions collectively:

Ayurvedic treatment for Bulged Disc

Ayurvedic science is based on the Dosha theory. It is the Vata Doshas that are responsible for causing muscle rigidity and spasms. And certainly, this can also occur with diet. Thus, we employ a number of Ayurvedic medicines designed to calm the aggravated Vata Dosha.

Panchakarma therapy for Herniated Disc

Panchakarma is a technique for detoxifying the body. Because Vata may play a role. However, as a result of an imbalance in Dosha, an accumulation of impurities occurs within the body. In the case of a Bulging disc, contaminants such as "lactic acid" are present. This accumulation of lactic acid decreases the flexibility of the muscles. Panchakarma helps remove these pollutants from their deepest levels. The selection of panchakarma treatments is based on the patient's condition.

In addition, Panchakarma regenerates and repairs the intervertebral disc. The disc is known as Majja Dhatu. This Dhatu facilitates bone movement and provides support for the joints.

Consequently, Panchakarma contributes in numerous ways to the ayurvedic treatment for herniated disc.

Yoga for Herniated Disc

Yoga is an integral component. Because a single error can cause multiple complications. Our experts decide the uniqueness of yoga postures. 

With regard to Yoga. Yoga manipulates the body. Manipulating these allows us to rearrange the vertebral structures. This manipulation should not be "forceful" This ought to be simple and well-organized. In the majority of cases, our treatment lasts four to six months due to the gradual mobility of your bones through yoga.

Therefore, if you have a bulging disc in your spine and do not wish to have surgery, you do not have to. Then Ayurvedic treatment for Bulged disc is the best option for you. The bulging disc will return to its natural position, and there will be no significant complications or nerve compression that could be causing you pain.

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