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About Us

Elite Ayurveda Services ®

Elite Ayurveda® is an “Award Winning Multi-Speciality Hospital” operated by an ISO certified company having its branches at Cochin, Thrissur (Kerala) & Bengaluru (Karnataka). We thrive to maintain ourselves as the most preferred and trusted Ayurveda healthcare brand by providing easily accessible and truly dependable care.


We established ourselves having a core vision of providing effective & economical healthcare services using the traditional heritage of Ayurveda with modern practices and with primary focus on Prevention & Wellness.


Your Partners in Good Health


As a holistic centre, we define ourselves as a community health provider with patient-centric care and value for money to all sections of society. Being dependable is the key and as people approach us with their various medical needs, it becomes increasingly essential for us to cater to their trust first than to anything else. We highly identify with the needs of the patients and respond in the same vein and promptness.


"We are a pioneering new generation Ayurveda hospitals, dedicated to applying Ayurveda to solve modern health problems.  We offer Ayurveda as the best course of treatment line where other systems of medicine may sometimes fail. Our continuing endeavour is to find ways to make Ayurveda relevant and accessible in today’s world. To this end, we partner with modern medical practitioners, finding synergistic ways of functioning that draw on the best of what Ayurveda can offer." - Management Team, Elite Ayurveda Services


Pioneers Then – Leaders Now

Over the past years Elite Ayurveda has evolved a lot but the values it's built on remain the same.


  • Leadership & Excellence – With commitment to deliver the best possible outcome in everything we do through exemplary action.


  • Compassion & Integrity – Fostering a culture where everyone is committed to care of patients with value for empathy.


  • Quality & Dependability – Provide healthcare with focus on root cause treatment saving patient’s time and effort.


  • Passion & Efficiency – With a patient centric philosophy that fuels our effort to make ourselves the epitome of healthcare.


“We have built an institution which matches the quality standards of healthcare delivery across the world, where care is provided to patients at an affordable cost. We offer not only the best facilities, but also combine the jewel of traditional medicine, and form a multi-disciplinary and modern approach in our treatments.” - Management Team, Elite Ayurveda Services


Our Roots - Our Establishment

Our reputation for outstanding clinical care and friendly atmosphere, together with continuous patient success stories, ensures we attract leading consultants and specialists to work with us. We work with a great team of experienced consultants and healthcare specialists.


Many of our consultant doctors are recognized as leaders in their field. They are granted the right to practice at Elite Ayurveda Services on the basis of meeting exacting criteria, overseen by our Medical Advisory team. Whilst practicing at our facilities, our consultants agree to comply with our Clinical Governance program which regulates patient care.


"A modern body, but ancient soul” – we established this centre having the knowledge of a 5000 years old ancient medical system ‘Ayurveda’. The products & services developed by us are not of a recent origin. It has taken many years to bring it to a level where it meets quality results and to achieve the kind of positive changes which will address the medical problems of many. We trust in the deep rooted philosophy of keeping mind and body in balance state, which indicates good health. And we don’t take your confidence for granted. That’s why we work hard every day to earn your confidence and gain your trust.


  • 90% of patients do not switch to any other treatment.


  • 73% of our new patient walk-in account from referrals.


  • We achieve a patient satisfaction / success rate of close to 96%.


  • 85% patients who received allopathic, homeopathic & other treatments earlier recommend Elite Ayurveda® as the best solution to their problem.


Elite Ayurveda ®, is where our patients truly the reason for our being.